FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Mommy Daughter Date

A few weeks back I took Joanna out on a mommy/daughter date to see Disney on Ice.  Although she has never seen a Disney movie or show, we have some books and toys that have introduced her to the characters.  Like a typical girly girl, she especially loves the princesses!  We started the night off with a little photo op at home, of course!  Samson was not so into it (as usual haha), he much more prefers to be running around and playing - who has time to stop and say cheese?! ;)

I had planned for us to go eat dinner at Panera Bread, but on the way Joanna requested that we go to Zaxby's instead, so of course I obliged.  We had a bit of extra time after dinner and decided to make a quick run into Anthropologie since it is just around the corner from the arena where our show was at.  After scoring an awesome deal on a hat, it was show time!  Joanna was so excited to see the show; she had no idea what to expect since she has never been to a large arena before.  It was so fun to just watch her big eyes look around and just take it all in.  Every time a new character would come on the ice, her face would light up and she would wave and exclaim, " Mommy look its so and so!!!!!"  My heart melted and burst at the same time to see her have such a special experience.  This girl is such an incredible blessing, I can't wait for our next date!  

Family Photos!

This summer while we were at the Creative Discovery Museum, we bumped into one of Jason's college friends, Oliver.  After chatting, turns out he has moved back to Chattanooga and we have kids about the same age.  How fun!  To make it even sweeter, he is a super talented photographer and was kind enough to take photos of our family a couple weeks ago as he is starting to build up his business in the area.

I am over the moon about how they turned out!  I can't believe how big my little babies are getting.  It is so special to have these photos that we will most definitely treasure for a lifetime.  Thanks Oliver!

Halloween 2015

This year's Halloween we had a Raggedy Ann and a Lion. When I saw this Raggedy Ann costume at Homegoods several weeks back, I about died.  No way I was leaving the store without it.  Luckily Joanna was just as excited as I was! Samson on the other hand was not so thrilled with his costume, but that had more to do with the fact that he doesn't want anything on his head. Ever. oh well!  He was still the cutest lion while it lasted!

Our neighborhood hosted a Trunk or Treat the weekend before Halloween.  It was such a fun time, we go to meet a bunch of neighbors and Joanna and Samson loved being able to wander around.  At first Joanna wasn't so sure about the whole trick or treat process (this is technically her first time), but by the end of the trunk loop, she had it down. She lit up at every little treat placed in her bag. For the past week; before, after and in between every meal she asks for a candy treat. It is just the sweetest thing. Since we really don't keep candy in our house much, this is really an exciting thing for her. It's probably a good thing she doesn't realize how many treats mommy and daddy sneak throughout the day ;)
And here are a few of our attempts at a family shot. haha
Throughout the year, people in the neighborhood dump their brush in a pile on the community lot and every Halloween they make a HUGE bonfire.  It was pretty spectacular!
This Raggedy Ann doll was mine when I was little.  It melts my heart to see it passed down and loved by my daughter. {insert heart eyes emoji}

The years fly by::Samson turns one

Whenever I complain about just wanting a day to be over, I always hear that one saying in the back of my head:: the days are long, but the years just fly by. Or something close to that.  It is just so darn true and daily I attempt to pause and enjoy each moment that I am in with my little ones.  More often than I would like, it is a struggle though.  With the ups and downs that come with a toddler and a baby, the result is usually one exhausted mama.  But tomorrow is always a new day and a new chance to embrace whatever adventures it brings.

These photos are from earlier this month when we did a small family celebration for Samson's first birthday (this was on his actual birthday, we did another one with extended family and friends on a later date).  In typical Samson style, he went head first into a corner the day before and got a nice shiner on his forehead.  This little guy is such a firecracker, his nickname is the Hulk and he most definitely continues to live up to it daily.  He loves to climb, run and knock things over.  His giggles are so incredibly contagious and man oh man is he a funny guy, always doing something silly and then looking back to make sure you saw it.  And he sure does love his big sister.  Since he is the earliest riser in our family, it is so fun to watch how excited he gets everyday when he hears that she is awake.  Samson's adventurous soul is contagious and I can't wait to see how he grows over the next year!
Samson and Joanna with Uncle Ryan and Nana

oh january

I'm not sure that I ever realized it before, or maybe I just never felt this way before, but January is a rough month.  I am struggling almost daily with lack of motivation and a sort of blah feeling.  Add to that the bi-polar Tennessee weather that has kept us inside most days and you get one mama that is constantly longing for springtime.  Maybe this would all be considered the post-holiday season blues?  Is that a thing?  Either way, most evenings I am telling myself that tomorrow I will get my groove back!  And sloooowly but surely we are on our way.  Does anyone else experience this?

I am well on my way at trying to establish and conquer 2014 goals.  One major goal that I am working on is backing up (and double backing up) and organizing all my photos from the past 5 or so years.  It is proving to be quite the task and I only get a little bit done each day because it can get overwhelming and there are thousands upon thousands of photos.  It is ridiculous really.  Sometimes I get so tired of sorting through them and I just save them all.  I am sure I will pay for that later when I get around to making all my photo books and have to sort through them then.  Oh well.  Sorry future self! 


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