The years fly by::Samson turns one

Whenever I complain about just wanting a day to be over, I always hear that one saying in the back of my head:: the days are long, but the years just fly by. Or something close to that.  It is just so darn true and daily I attempt to pause and enjoy each moment that I am in with my little ones.  More often than I would like, it is a struggle though.  With the ups and downs that come with a toddler and a baby, the result is usually one exhausted mama.  But tomorrow is always a new day and a new chance to embrace whatever adventures it brings.

These photos are from earlier this month when we did a small family celebration for Samson's first birthday (this was on his actual birthday, we did another one with extended family and friends on a later date).  In typical Samson style, he went head first into a corner the day before and got a nice shiner on his forehead.  This little guy is such a firecracker, his nickname is the Hulk and he most definitely continues to live up to it daily.  He loves to climb, run and knock things over.  His giggles are so incredibly contagious and man oh man is he a funny guy, always doing something silly and then looking back to make sure you saw it.  And he sure does love his big sister.  Since he is the earliest riser in our family, it is so fun to watch how excited he gets everyday when he hears that she is awake.  Samson's adventurous soul is contagious and I can't wait to see how he grows over the next year!
Samson and Joanna with Uncle Ryan and Nana


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