i might be in the middle of falling asleep

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The weather has been so dreary here the last week or so.  
And to top it off, the traffic coming home from work we RI-diculous.
So what am I doing right now, you ask?
Well I am sitting in bed, wearing sweats, watching Bravo and blogging. 
Zoey is sitting on my lap - as usual.
I could seriously fall asleep....zzzzzzzzzz

magic little peas

Have you ever tried wasabi peas?
I tried them for the first time this weekend and I am sorta hooked.
At first taste, I thought yuck - but then I was intrigued.  Each one I ate just kept getting better and better.
They kinda help clear up your sinuses too.
I highly recommend them for a snack.

good news, bad news and then some good news

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Good News: Jack cuddled with me this morning.
Bad News: Jack threw up while I was getting ready for work.
Good News: We got our taxes done tonight.
Bad News: We got only $33 when we were thinking it would be more like $3,000.
Good News: I made dinner tonight.
Bad News: It takes an hour to cook and I started at 8 p.m. and we're hungry.
Good News: I got to turn on the fire tonight.
Bad News: It's been really icky and cold weather lately.
Good News: We got our new king size duvet cover in the mail and I love it.
Bad News: We don't have our king size bed yet.
Good News: Hubby and I made a trip to Homegoods and found some good finds.
Good News: Hubby and I planned a date night to go to a movie this week.  Any recommendations??

family photos

Here are some more of our family photos, taken by the fabulous Jenn of Jenn and Travis.
Isn't she a genius photographer?!

So how was your weekend?  Ours was pretty good.  We enjoyed time with family and friends on Saturday and ran some errands on Sunday.  We may have done a little shopping too :)

in my book flowers equal smiles

One of my favorite things to have in the house is fresh flowers.
If I'm in a bad mood or if I've had a bad day, beautiful flowers can always make me smile.
The colors are so gorgeous and vibrant.
These beauties are currently sitting on my breakfast table.

I don't know about you, but I am super happy the weekend is here.  It's supposed to be rainy here, but I will not let the rain stop me from enjoying it!

Happy Weekend Friends!
Do you have any fun plans?

doggie play date

Jack had a little play date with our neighbor's dog, Malibu.  Malibu is a 4 1/2 month old chocolate lab and I think him and Jack are gonna be great friends.  I see a lot more doggie get togethers in the future.  

 {hugging goodbye}

a little preview

Here is a little preview of a family photo session we did a couple weekends ago.
Our photos were taken by the lovely Jenn of Jenn & Travis Photography. Also the mommy of this precious little guy.
Stay tuned for more :)

my cuddle buddy is back

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Hubby is home! Yay!
He was in Florida for the weekend to spend time with friends and family.
I always miss that sexy man when he is gone.  Jack attempted to keep me company by sleeping next to me in bed, but it just wasn't the same.  Plus he always ends up back on the floor on his doggie bed by morning.
Today was a gorgeous day and warm enough for me to wear a skirt sans tights and open toed shoes. score.  Good thing hubby was back in town to document this wonderful occurrence!
Now it's time for me to go cuddle with my favorite cuddle buddy (Jack comes in at a close second).

babysitters club

I got to babysit one of the cutest and sweetest babies this weekend.  
His name is Gavin and he is almost 8 months old.  
He was such a good baby for me, seriously.  This was our first time hanging out alone and he even stayed over night.  We are pretty much best buds now.
Jack did so well with Gavin too.  It melted my heart.  Everywhere the baby was, Jack would be right there next to him checking things out and making sure everything was okay.  It was precious.
Jason said this would be a good opportunity for me to get the baby fever out of my system.  I say it was a good opportunity for me to see how much fun a baby around the house would be ;)


Rest in Peace Diane Ahler - an amazing wife, mother and friend to many.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know you.  You are dearly missed.  I can't wait until the day we will all be able to see you again in heaven.

pineapple pizza and nyquil

I have been sick now for a week and a half.  It has been no fun.
The last two nights I have had horrible sleep due to waking up several times coughing.
As a result, I have been sleepy and unmotivated during the day.
So tonight I ordered pizza and picked up some NyQuil cough.
Here's to a good nights sleep!  i hope

p.s. happy saint patrick's day! i wore green. did you?


I have now seen literally hundreds of shocking photographs of the devastation in Japan.  It breaks my heart every time I see or hear about the damage and loss that they have suffered.  Each day the death toll rises and the cost of damage reaches new heights.  Reading about the nuclear plant today and the few that stayed behind to try to control the situation, made me appreciate the brave people that sacrifice their lives for others.  
I am sure it will take years for Japan to rebuild and recover from this great tragedy.  There are many ways that we can help.  You can go here and make a donation directly to the American Red Cross.  I made a donation by purchasing this print - which all proceeds go directly to Red Cross.  If you know of any other ways to donate, please feel free to share them with my readers in the comment section.

the bachelor

It's the final episode tonight you guys!  Have any of you been watching this season of The Bachelor?  Every season I say the same thing, "I am not gonna watch this one.  It doesn't even look good."  And who always gets sucked in anyway?  This girl.

Who's it gonna be....Emily or Chantal.  I am actually pretty torn this season.  I really like both of these girls.  A lot of people are saying that he will choose Emily.  I am hesitant to make a prediction because I hate being wrong, but if I absolutely had to choose one - I think Emily is the best one for him.  Even though I really like Chantal too, I am just not sure if Brad is the best guy for her.  Okay there, I made my prediction!

The show starts in about 15 minutes (for us east coasters).  Yay! I can't wait to see who made him all tongue tied on last weeks Women Tell All!!

***Update - He chose Emily :)

sunday night

Did you remember to set your clocks one hour ahead this weekend??  I sure did.  I know a lot of people weren't happy about losing that hour, but I didn't mind one bit.  I am glad that we will be getting one more hour of daylight in the evening and I am excited that Spring is almost here :)

This weekend we took some family photos and I can't wait to see how they turned out. And of course share them with you all too!  For now though, here are some photos of our family hanging out Sunday night.  Isn't my hubby just the cutest?!  We are snacking on my favorite snack, strawberries and bananas, and I am reading a new magazine I just got in the mail.  Of course Jack is right there in the middle of it all.  
I love my little family.

pretty please..

top-gap, cardigan-f21, jeans-american eagle, shoes-rocket dog via dsw, necklace-tiffany & co. (gift from hubby several valentines' ago)

I am incredibly happy the weekend is here!!  And I am smiling not only because the weekend is here, but also because the sun has finally come out again.  It will be nice to have some sunny weather and get a break from the gray skies and rain.
I am still feeling sick, but I am hoping that some extra rest on Saturday will help me get rid of this icky bug.  
I am gonna keep it short my friends. So pretty please, have an awesome weekend!!!


Today started out with hubby and I sleeping late and being awakened by his work calling asking where he was. oops. We both took Nyquil last night because we are both sick and apparently it worked so well that we slept right through the alarm.  
That's right, I am sick again. ugh.  I have been feeling extra tired and have had little energy this week.  I am not complaining, but to put some icing on the cake, I got my monthly bill today (ladies you know what I'm talking about).  
Needless to say, when I got home today I immediately started getting a hot bath ready.  Boy did it feel great.  And of course Jack and Zoey were right there to scope things out.  I topped things off with some bubbles and wine and I started feeling better right away :)

I hope you all have been enjoying your week!

busy bee

So far 2011 has been very busy for me.  Between running, work, projects and a little social life; I feel like I have been non-stop.  I kept telling myself that after the half marathon things would ease up and I would have more free time.  Not true.  My busy-ness has only increased.
I haven't had a lot of time to work on the blog, which makes me sad :(
I am hoping to get a little bit better at prioritizing my time so that I can keep my regular posting up.  I will probably have less outfit posts though since hubby will be working overtime in the upcoming weeks, but I hope you all will still love me ;)
Jas took this photo while we were in Florida.
Boy do I miss the Florida sun.  It has been really cold here in Tennessee the last few days and I am not liking it at all.  
Come back sun!!!


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