just another sunny afternoon

Last weekend, Jason and I spent some time outdoors enjoying our city.  The weather has been pretty amazing and we have been taking full advantage of it.  The breeze felt fantastic along the Tennessee River and the blooms looked gorgeous against the blue skies.  Of course there were sweets involved - thanks to Groupon we got some yummy fro yo at Top it Off.  It's probably a good thing there is not an ice cream or fro yo place super close to my house...that is definitely my weakness.

homemade pizza

Homemade pizza has become one of our favorite easy meals to make at home.  I like pineapple pizza and Jason liked pepperoni.  And of course we share, I won't say who's turned out better...(cough, mine).  Really, they were both very good.  We both think day old pizza is even better.  Do you like day old pizza?

I have actually been slacking quite a bit with my domestic, dinner making duties.  I plan to do a much needed grocery store run this weekend and do better next week.  No promises though ;)

ice cream date

While Jason and I were running errands the other day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It's actually been quite the trend here lately, having nice weather.  So in the midst of our running around we stopped to enjoy a mini ice cream date. The closest spot was Dairy Queen - and I all of a sudden got a craving for a dipped cone.  It's been forever since I had one of those...I mean forever.
I really hope this warm weather sticks around, I can see us enjoying many more of these ice cream dates :)

a family walk in our neighborhood

Our little family walks through our neighborhood are one of my favorite past times.  
Since we had fabulous weather over the weekend, we ventured out our front door and up the road to soak up the glorious sun.  We even found a perfectly full dandelion puff ball.  I blew it out and made a very special wish.  Don't you just love those things?

some photos of my cousin

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Alisha, asked me to take some photos of her and her dog, Ringo.  I am by no means a professional, but I have always loved photography and really enjoy taking photos.  
At this point, I am using my 5 year old Canon Rebel XTi with the stock lens and I use iPhoto and Picnik for editing (super boo for Picnik closing down soon!) I would love to upgrade soon (hint hint hubby ;) 
Isn't Alisha just gorgeous?!

amish friendship bread

Have you ever made Amish Friendship Bread?
I did this past weekend for the first time.  Not only was this my first time baking friendship bread; it was also my first time baking anything from scratch.  Yes, really.  Baking has never been my specialty, but after this experience, I feel empowered to conquer the world of baking.  No more pre-made, throw in the oven cookies for me.  From now on, it's flour, sugar, eggs and the whole shebang (well maybe I'll still do the easy stuff sometimes).

Back to the friendship bread.  It starts when a friend give you a starter bag - you then tend to it (nurture it, if you will) for ten days before the baking chaos ensues.  Well at least in my case it was a bit of chaos since it was my first baking experience.  Jason officially titled my behavior as crisis mode. haha

I ended up making some small bread loaves along with some cupcakes.  And I have to say it turned out pretty darn delicious.  I kinda can't believe that I made it.  I have just always had this fear of baking, but now I think I have an infatuation with it.  I can't wait to bake again.
The recipe also leaves you with 4 starter bags to give to friends.  So the friendship love keeps going.

a big insta-collage to get you caught up

Once again, I have been gone for a little while from the blogosphere.  It wasn't really my intention to take such an extended vacay from blogging, but life just picked up the pace and didn't leave much room for my poor little blog.  So I have decided to do another quick catch up (see another catch up here):

Noteworthy events that happened while I was away include:
My birthday weekend in Atlanta.
A Hawks vs. Magic basketball game.
A handful of dates with Jason.
Fun times with friends.
A few especially yummy meals (at home and out).
A lot of cuteness from Jack, Tina and Zoey.
And a tornado that hit .1 mile from our house, way too close for comfort.  This is the second time a tornado has come through our area in the last year (see the last time here).  I don't like how Tennessee seems to have become the new tornado alley.  We are thanking God our home was spared.

Thanks for sticking around, friends!  I am going to do my best to keep things up this time :)


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