a big insta-collage to get you caught up

Once again, I have been gone for a little while from the blogosphere.  It wasn't really my intention to take such an extended vacay from blogging, but life just picked up the pace and didn't leave much room for my poor little blog.  So I have decided to do another quick catch up (see another catch up here):

Noteworthy events that happened while I was away include:
My birthday weekend in Atlanta.
A Hawks vs. Magic basketball game.
A handful of dates with Jason.
Fun times with friends.
A few especially yummy meals (at home and out).
A lot of cuteness from Jack, Tina and Zoey.
And a tornado that hit .1 mile from our house, way too close for comfort.  This is the second time a tornado has come through our area in the last year (see the last time here).  I don't like how Tennessee seems to have become the new tornado alley.  We are thanking God our home was spared.

Thanks for sticking around, friends!  I am going to do my best to keep things up this time :)


Stephanie Anne said...

Glad youre ok after those tornados!

Chanel said...

need need need that coffee mug!


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