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Many of the blogs I have been reading have started talking about their excitement for fall and all the fashion that it will bring. I can't deny that after this insanely hot summer, I too will have to jump on the band wagon for a season change.

Admittedly, my fall wardrobe lacks a certain umph that I think I am needing/mostly wanting. So I started taking a gander at some of the fall previews and found some inspiration that should help me make some smart fall purchases; {hopefully} in the near future.

Have you been thinking about fall? What will be some must haves in your wardrobe??

date night at sekisui and some ice cream

For our date night last week we went downtown to Sekisui for some yummy sushi.

Although I love sushi, I do not love raw fish and I am very picky about my seafood. I typically just get a vegetable roll or cream cheese and avocado roll, but this time I went outside of my sushi box. I tried a philly roll, which is smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado - and I liked it. I also got a vegetable platter.

We walked over to The Ice Cream Show - neither of us had been there before. Wow. It was simply amazing. It may have been the best ice cream I have ever had.

On another note, how do you all like my new blog design? I am thrilled that it is finally complete!

vote for jack on modern dog

Jack is a contestant in the modern dog photo contest. He is so excited about it and Jason and I are equally as thrilled. I hope that you all will take a minute to visit modern dog and vote for Jack.

Thanks from all of us!
Jason, Amber & Jack :)

my first high waist experience

gap shirt, forever21 shorts, necklace from nordstrom, aldo shoes

Okay friends, yesterday was my first time wearing high waist shorts. And I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Although they fit great and were super comfortable, I seem to be a little self conscious when I wear new styles. Maybe that would not be totally accurate to say, but it was the case this time. I think it even took my hubby a few looks before he got used to this outfit.

I ordered these shorts after I saw them on the glamourai and I am so glad I did. I especially love the scalloped edges on these ones. I think I may have to get me a couple more pair like these, these or these.

I wore this outfit for our date night (which I will tell you about at a later time), and we found the perfect spot in downtown Chattanooga for our mini photo shoot. The lighting was awesome as well. I have to say - Jason's photo skills are definitely improving. He makes me proud :)

happy weekend!!! xoxo

idaho photo shoot

I hope after sharing my photos and stories with you that I have given you a good picture of what Idaho (northern idaho, anyway) is like. It is such a beautiful place. I feel so lucky to have grown up in such a wonderful location.

I decided that for my last post of my Idaho trip, I would just give you a medley of some of the photography I did while there. I found inspiration and uniqueness around every corner.

p.s. it's almost the weekend. yay!

funny kitten can't jump

One of my daily reads, written by Naomi, posted a funny animal video today. It reminded me of a video that I saw a little while back posted by Joanna. I thought it was so cute and I want to share it so you can enjoy it with me.

why haven't i diy (done it yet)

photo via

I would really like to do this with my jewelry. I have seen it done a few different times and love it every time I see it. I think it may be my turn to try it.

i love these faces

The best part of being out west was spending time with family and friends.

It was great because although some of my old friends no longer live in Idaho, they met us in the "middle" and came to Idaho to see us. My favorite friends are the ones that you can go months and months without seeing or maybe even talking to and when you are together, it's like you were never apart.

I was also over the moon to see the kiddos again. I can't believe how much they've grown in the last couple months. Kaleb lost his first tooth and Adelynn is almost crawling. They grow up way too fast. I miss them terribly already.

We got to stay with my sister and brother-in-law in their brand new house. They have joined the ranks of first time homebuyers and they did good. They're house is awesome.

summer party

photo via
I would like to have a dinner party like this before summer is over. Doesn't it just look like a great time?

my first time rock climbing

While we were in Idaho, one of my best friend's Ashley took Jason and I rock climbing. Jason had rock climbed before, but this was my very first time.

Ashley went first to show us how it was done and she made it look so easy. Jason went next and he totally "rocked" it. hehe

For some reason I wasn't really nervous, until I started getting geared up that is. I was the only one that chose to wear a helmet, but I didn't care how funny I might look. If you have ever done this before, you probably know how tight and uncomfortable climbing shoes can be - my toes were squished! I was so scared climbing up the rock. I thought it was really tough and since it was my first time, I needed a lot of coaching and guidance.

The higher I got, the more intense it felt; my legs were literally shaking.

Ashley was an awesome coach though and she helped me make it to the top. I overcame my fear and it felt amazing to accomplish this task. This was both mentally and physically challenging for me, but in the end it was just another opportunity to show myself how strong I am. Thanks Ashley for sharing this awesome experience with us :)


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