tri-ing weekend

This weekend my hubby did his very first triathlon. He totally rocked it. It was a sprint triathlon (Sports Barn Sprint Triathlon), which is a .25 mile swim, 8.2 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run. The race started at 7a.m., which meant we were up bright and early. I was pretty amazed at the variety of people that were participating in the triathlon; all ages and all shapes and sizes. It made me think - I could do this - but then I jumped back to reality and remembered I have no desire to EVER do the swim. lol Maybe I'll try it as a relay some day.

I had a feeling once he completed his first triathlon, he would be hooked. I was right. He said it was pretty rough, but totally awesome at the same time. I can only see him getting better and someday my hubby will be an Ironman.


Joanna Gough said...

Hahahaha. the picture of hubby sticking his tongue out while running is SOOO funny!! :D
tHAnks for Sharing this. It's a good post. !! :D Photos look great.

Hotcakes said...

cool photos! lol, why didn't you run with him?

amber said...

I totally would have ran, but I was the official photographer :) :)

Jess said...

Wow. Way to go to your hubs! Love the picture with tongue.

Prutha said...

congrats to him...thats pretty cool..once i learn how to swim im gonna do it too!! hehe..

i swear!!

for now i just run


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