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Many of the blogs I have been reading have started talking about their excitement for fall and all the fashion that it will bring. I can't deny that after this insanely hot summer, I too will have to jump on the band wagon for a season change.

Admittedly, my fall wardrobe lacks a certain umph that I think I am needing/mostly wanting. So I started taking a gander at some of the fall previews and found some inspiration that should help me make some smart fall purchases; {hopefully} in the near future.

Have you been thinking about fall? What will be some must haves in your wardrobe??


Ally said...

Im in Aus so we are in dreary winter mode right now but i did recently by the most darling tan trench coat by Wish. So pretty and comfortable and not too overbearing.. I love it!


Elle Sees said...

i ahven't even thought of fall, but so ready for it. i love cardis

The October Issue said...

The best part about fall the layering.The 3rd and 4th look are my fave.

erica marie said...

I can't wait for the fall but that still seems like forever, it stays so hot out in your blog, by the way I voted for Jack. He's a cutie!

Lauren said...

I already bought some lovely new boots, I couldn't resist, and a few other fall pieces that I am so very excited about! I am loving the gray trench coat for sure!

hiven said...

love the title and the clothes


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