welcome to september with pizza

Goodbye August. Hello September.

I have a bit of mixed emotions about another month passing. On one hand, I am excited about the cooler weather that comes with the fall season. On the other hand, this year is just flying by and I wonder where all the time has gone. I suppose the only logical solution is to move forward and enjoy everyday I am blessed with.

The hubby and I decided we would welcome this new month with a yummy pizza. Okay. Fine. This was just another way for me to avoid going grocery shopping. Since we just went out of town, we let our food supply get pretty low and thus I know the next grocery store visit will be a big one. Regardless, the pizza was yumm-o.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

Uhhhhh that pizza looks AMAZING! Especially since its 1130 at night right now and I'm flippin' starving and I know I shouldn't be eating because I'm heading to bed soon. When we get together (when you're living on the west coast) we will devour a pizza like this and chat for hoursssss Can't wait!!

Emily said...

WOW that pizza looks amazzzzingggg.

Amanda said...

Mmmmmmm! Delish!

and could you be anymore adorable? You're like the perfect pizza model!

amber said... modeling, eh? i'll have to look into that ;) haha

Diya said...

ummmm that pizza looks absolutely amazing...never has a plain cheese pizza looked so amazing!


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