chattanooga doesn't know that its fall today

Today my local newspaper said, and I quote, "Boots and sweaters can stay in storage."

My heart sank just a little bit when I read this. I obviously can feel that the summer heat is still in full force, but to read it in the paper made it just that much more official. It is now the fall season and I want the fall weather (picture me stomping my feet a yelling while saying this).
This entire summer has been filled with brutally hot weather and I am sooooooo over it.

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I am ready for my boots and sweaters!


AmyK said...

Ack, I'm so glad our weather is mostly cool all year. I can't imagine the heeeat. blah.

Kara said...

i just gave your blog an award on my blog! check it out :)

xo, kh

MyLittlePhotographs said...

yeah, I'm ready for slightly cooler weather, but this weekend we are apparently getting a massive heat wave! Not a fan of that

Sydney said...

AMEN TO THAT! It's still been in the 70's over here. But I'm like ... who gives! It's almost October. I have a RIGHT to wear boots. haha


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