a trip down memory lane

As I was going through bags and boxes to get ready for our yard sale, I came across a load of all my childhood stuffed animals and dolls. I was almost instantly taken back in time as I remembered all the fun times and special times I had with these toys.
Really, they were more than toys to me as a child, they were my friends.
I started feeling quite nostalgic and I will be honest . . .
I kept a few.
Okay, more than a few.
But they just don't make 'em like this anymore. I mean, Rainbow Bright for goodness sake. There is no way I will give her up. I am convinced that my kids will someday love the toys that I loved as a child. ha!


Sydney said...

haha! This is so cute! I wish I had some of MY old stuffed animals!

AmyK said...

I still have LOADS of toys from when I was a kid; can't imagine parting with most of them, 'cause there are so many memories. I figure that I've kept 'em this long, might as well keep 'em a few more years and pass them along to my own kids :) (And make sure they don't trash them, 'cause I like 'em).

Kristen said...

I love this post! I see some of the stuffed toys I used to have.. crazy. I had pretty much all the Pound Puppies! :)

This definitely brought me back in the day!

Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh!! I totally had that bear, the one whose stomach you'd squeeze and its nose would inflate.. Wow, that takes me back..


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