This week has really been a crazy one.  I am so thankful the weekend is here and I can finally kick up my feet and relax.  One thing that helped me get through this week was a hilarious video my sister sent me of my niece, Adelynn.  I have watched it over and over and laugh out loud every time.  I decided to share it with you and I hope it brings a smile to your face too!
(make sure your volume is up all the way and listen closely towards the end)

go hawks!

This past weekend, Jason and I went to an Atlanta Hawks game with my family.  It's been a while since we have been to a game and we had a fabulous time!  
It was a great game to watch and the Hawks won, which was an added bonus.

My cousin, Alisha, has been in town the past couple weeks. I don't get a chance to see her very often, so it has been a real special treat.  She recently moved closer to my side of the country - I am hoping these visits will become a habit :)

let's play a little catch up

It's been a little while, 
so let me catch you up real quick about what's been going on in my life : 

There, all caught up.

happy birthday, ryan!

Happy birthday {little} brother!!  I can not believe you are 16 already, where the heck did time go?!  Watch out all you Tennessee drivers, you've got another new one on the road ;)

Love you, Ryan!

christmas time in florida

I am a little bit behind on posting these photos, 
but these are a few shots from our Christmas down in Florida.  
We had such a wonderful and relaxing time there.

We had such a great time with Jason's family, I can't wait to go back!  


I have been so sick this past week, that I have accomplished almost nothing since coming home from our trip to Florida.  In fact, I spent that entire last day of 2011 laying on the couch.  I also spent almost the entire first day of 2012 laying in that very same spot.  It got to the point that I seemed to forget how to do anything but find that spot on the couch and get comfortable in it.  This was not exactly how I had planned to ring in the new year.  Oh well . . . after all, isn't it really just another day? (this is the sick amber talking)


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