I have been so sick this past week, that I have accomplished almost nothing since coming home from our trip to Florida.  In fact, I spent that entire last day of 2011 laying on the couch.  I also spent almost the entire first day of 2012 laying in that very same spot.  It got to the point that I seemed to forget how to do anything but find that spot on the couch and get comfortable in it.  This was not exactly how I had planned to ring in the new year.  Oh well . . . after all, isn't it really just another day? (this is the sick amber talking)


Stesha said...

please feel better!!!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Sam {} said...

awww, i hate that! hope you feel better soon. happy 2012 :)

rlutz said...

Being sick sucks!! Hope you feel better soon!!


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