and she grows

23 week baby bump in this photo. however, today I am 24 1/2 weeks along.

Baby girl is growing and growing. Whenever I walk past a mirror and get a good look at my belly, I almost can't believe it's me.  She has certainly made herself quite comfy in there.  And I love it.  I especially love feeling her move around throughout the day (and night).  

Jason and I have been busy little bees trying to get things ready for her arrival.  Still, though, every bit of progress we make, I realize how much more we still have to do.  Our big project right now is the nursery and I am feeling super overwhelmed!  There are just so many options and choices and decisions to be made.  I just want it all to be perfect; is there even such a thing?  Probably not.  I just want it to be comfy and cozy for her as she grows up.  Jason assures me that she will love whatever we put together for her, and I think he's right.


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