oh january

I'm not sure that I ever realized it before, or maybe I just never felt this way before, but January is a rough month.  I am struggling almost daily with lack of motivation and a sort of blah feeling.  Add to that the bi-polar Tennessee weather that has kept us inside most days and you get one mama that is constantly longing for springtime.  Maybe this would all be considered the post-holiday season blues?  Is that a thing?  Either way, most evenings I am telling myself that tomorrow I will get my groove back!  And sloooowly but surely we are on our way.  Does anyone else experience this?

I am well on my way at trying to establish and conquer 2014 goals.  One major goal that I am working on is backing up (and double backing up) and organizing all my photos from the past 5 or so years.  It is proving to be quite the task and I only get a little bit done each day because it can get overwhelming and there are thousands upon thousands of photos.  It is ridiculous really.  Sometimes I get so tired of sorting through them and I just save them all.  I am sure I will pay for that later when I get around to making all my photo books and have to sort through them then.  Oh well.  Sorry future self! 

hello 2014!

This was my most "liked" photo on Instagram in 2013.  Rightfully so, too.  In many ways, this photo represents the start of a new chapter in our lives.  The chapter that we had been working so hard to get to; Jason finishing school and becoming a CRNA and me landing my dream job as a Stay at Home Mom Domestic Engineer.  However you want to label what I do, it's amazing.  Everyday I am blown away by the awesomeness of Joanna.  We are so blessed.

So here is to 2014!  I have a feeling it's going to be a good one.

five years

A little over a month ago, Jason and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. It's crazy to think it has already been five years. This past year of marriage has definitely been a life changing one as we became a family of three. I think I had this big idea that once we reached this milestone, we would be able to take this huge second honeymoon type trip and it would be grand. Reality check. That didn't happen. And at first I was pretty bummed that we weren't going to be able to do something "big," but in the end I couldn't have asked for a greater celebration. My mom watched Joanna for us and we went out to a nice dinner downtown. Afterwards, we walked around and ended up finding a hot air balloon and a concert going on in the middle of the street. The whole night ended up being such a special occasion and simply to spend it with my love was amazing. Here's to another life changing year!

pumpkin baby

Of the hundreds of pins I have pinned, there are only a handful and some change that I have actually taken a second look at. So many pins and so little time. But before October completely passes us by, I had to share a few photos from our *pinterest success* photo shoot with Joanna and the pumpkin. She was all about this pumpkin. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous and I was trying to prepare myself in case there was a complete meltdown like some of the photos I had seen. You just have to feel so bad for those poor babies crying and screaming while sitting in a slimy pumpkin all for the sake of a silly photo. And here I was, about to be one of those awful mean parents. When we placed her in the pumpkin and her face lit up, it was like a choir was singing and I could breath. She was game and I was ecstatic.  Jo has been such a good sport with the bajillion photos I take of her and I am hoping it stays this way. I just love capturing her sweet and spunky personality, such a little ham ;)

what if

What if I could get all my daily cleaning done.  Everyday.

Have my weekly meals planned out and groceries bought.

Take a shower and make myself look decent...often.

Have a new and fun learning activity for Joanna each day.

Sing on tune.  On purpose.

Get out of the house more.

Keep up with blogging.

Make all of the photo books I need to make.

Finish the painting for Joanna's nursery.

Pick out paint color for the dining room.  Guest bedroom/office.  Master bathroom.  And then paint each room.

Finish the desk.

Be more romantic with my husband and show him that I appreciate him more often.

Exercise 2 or 3 times a week.

Wax my eyebrows.

Get a pedicure.

Call, text and/or e-mail all the people that I have been meaning to.

What if I could do it all.  And more.


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