oh january

I'm not sure that I ever realized it before, or maybe I just never felt this way before, but January is a rough month.  I am struggling almost daily with lack of motivation and a sort of blah feeling.  Add to that the bi-polar Tennessee weather that has kept us inside most days and you get one mama that is constantly longing for springtime.  Maybe this would all be considered the post-holiday season blues?  Is that a thing?  Either way, most evenings I am telling myself that tomorrow I will get my groove back!  And sloooowly but surely we are on our way.  Does anyone else experience this?

I am well on my way at trying to establish and conquer 2014 goals.  One major goal that I am working on is backing up (and double backing up) and organizing all my photos from the past 5 or so years.  It is proving to be quite the task and I only get a little bit done each day because it can get overwhelming and there are thousands upon thousands of photos.  It is ridiculous really.  Sometimes I get so tired of sorting through them and I just save them all.  I am sure I will pay for that later when I get around to making all my photo books and have to sort through them then.  Oh well.  Sorry future self! 

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