merry christmas!!

I don't think I am going to get a white Christmas this year...yes, I am wearing December.

Merry Christmas!!

brotherly love

Late night ice cream date with our brothers, yes please!  It was the only way I could get them away from the video games...boys will be boys.

p.s. i have accepted the fact that my hair will never look good in florida.  this humidity kills...

south bound

sweater-local boutique, LS top-old navy, pants-gap, necklace-f21, shoes-aldo
{this photo was actually taken on Thanksgiving day, hence the fall wreath on the door :)}

We've headed down south for the holiday; me, Jason, Ryan and Jack. (just me and the boys, love it!)  We are spending Christmas with Jason's family this year, our first Christmas in Florida since getting married. 

When I got off work on Tuesday, we headed out on our overnight trek to Florida...last time we drive overnight I swore I would never do it again.  Someone might become a little miss grumpy pants after several hours in a car with no sleep.  The extra two hours due to traffic never helps either.  I guess in the end it's worth it to have an extra day with long as there is a back rub scheduled in by my mother-in-law (she is the best at it) (I hope she reads this).


{photo from our day at chilhowee}

My brother moved out over the weekend and moved back in with my mom.  Although he only lived with us for three-ish months, I feel like I am experiencing a sort of empty-nest syndrome.  When I walked into his room and it was empty of all his clothes and shoes and his sugar glider, I instantly wished it was all still there.  I truly feel like it was a blessing to have him in our home and a part of our daily lives.  There were definitely struggles too, it's not easy having a teenager in the house.  It's never fun being the disciplinarian and it's hard sometimes to not take things personally.  I think I have learned a lot through this experience and how I want to be as a mother some day.  I am excited to be a mom some day (no I'm not pregnant); i can't think of a greater occupation.

party people

This past weekend Jason and I got to attend two Christmas parties in one night.  That's right, we are party animals.  It's been quite a while since we've had a night on the town, so we knew we had to go big or go home.  So we dressed to impress (dress from forever21 - $27, holla!) and brought our A game.  Add in all the food and drinks we wanted for free - yes please!
We mixed and mingled and boogied the night away.  I haven't made my feet this sore from dancing in a loooooong time.  I already can't wait for next year!

christmas spirit

Happy Holidays lovelies!!  
Life has kept me quite busy lately.  My co-worker is on maternity leave, so I have been doing double duty at work.  It has actually been okay though, not near as bad as I was anticipating.  The work day goes by a bit faster, which is never a bad thing.  Last week we had our client Christmas party and Santa made a surprise appearance....gotta love that guy!  Oh and I decided to give my office a bit of Christmas spirit with a little tree, isn't it just the cutest? ;)


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