jack can swim!

{jack and lilly}

Over the weekend we discovered that Jack is a swimmer!

We have this large pond in our neighborhood and we never really thought about him swimming in it.  But when some friends came in town with their dog, Lilly, and let her swim in the pond, I thought I would see if Jack would be interested.  He sure was!
I was so proud at how well he could swim.  Hubby and I got so excited.  Jack loved the water; I think we will be taking him there to swim a lot this summer.

We spent most of Sunday over at our friend's (Tanner and Kelly) house -who are also our neighbors- celebrating Tanner's birthday.  They have two beagles that are buddies with Jack.  Needless to say, Jack got a lot of play time in this weekend.  

We had gorgeous weather here all weekend.  I sure wish weekends were longer, don't you?!

{jack and gus}


Ashley said...

I bet Jack slept like a baby last night! Swimming is GREAT exercise for dogs, I am so glad that our dogs love to swim as well! Nothing wears them out more than a good swim...

Shellsea said...

Looks like he had fun. I wish my dog enjoyed swimming more. She freaks if she cant touch the ground. lol

lauren nicole said...

ah, we live on the lake and our dogs loooove to swim! sometimes they're still swimming when we're ready to go up to the house and they're impossible to herd in!

ps, i love that beagle! looks like my sweet bailey :)

xoxo! :)

Sam {} said...

cute pups swimming!! sounds like a fun weekend...i always wish they were a little longer :)

Kayla said...

He looks so cute, happy and proud of himself for his swimming abilities. It's nice that you have the pond if he it's gonna be his new favorite thing.

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Elaine said...

Oh, how cute!!!! I bet they were pooped :D

Nikki said...

What a sweetheart. He'd get along well with my ridgeback. Where do you live that there are shirts off already?! I need to move somewhere warm.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

go Jack go! i love seeing the fur babies having such a wonderful play day like this. awesome photos capturing the essence of the way life should always be. ♥

pea ess: not sure but that looks like Jason all buffed & big gunnin' it lucky lady you! xo


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