all i need is ruby red slippers and a dog named toto

We have been having some crazy storms in my neck of the woods.
Yes. Those are golf ball sized hail.
The storms have been going on pretty much the entire day with a few breaks in between.
The lightning is so intense followed by thunder that shakes cars and buildings.
The rain has been pounding the ground and at times going completely sideways due to the roaring wind.
We have had several tornado watches/warnings and a good number of tornado touchdowns.
We got let out of work early due to the severity.  On my way home, I saw countless trees down and branches all over the place.
I am happy to report that we are okay and there has been no damage to our house.
What a day!


Kate Weber said...

That is kind of terrifying! My thoughts are with you all during this crazy weather! I hope everyone stays safe!

Simply Kate

Ashlee said...

I'm so sorry you guys are getting the worst of these storms. All they seem to drop on us (in CO) is wind. Here's hoping there's an end to the scary weather!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Crazy! Your cars are protected, right?

lozzz123 said...

yikes! that's amazing - but scary!

i just wanted to say i'm new to your blog, and looking forward to reading more stuff :)

twenty-something-year-old future RN. said...

Gosh, stay safe down there! The weather is certainly crazy from what I've been reading and seeing on the news.

Nikki said...

Holy smokes! I hope you're staying safe. You have a dog named jack, so I think that deserves a new pair of shoes ;)

Katherine said...

omg...that is humungous! I've never seen hail that large. Please stay safe :)


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