the year 2011

Apparently 2011 is kind of a unique year.  Let me explain.
There are four unusual dates - 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11 and 11/11/11.
The month of October has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Saturdays.  This only happens every 823 years.
The craziest thing of all is this: take the last two digits of the year you were born and add the age that you turn in 2011.  The result will be 111.  For everyone.  Trust me, I have tried everyone I know.
(I was born in 1985 and I turned 26 this year. 85+26=111)
Freaky isn't it?!


Kendra said...

Ahhh that scares me!
91+ 20 = 111!


GretchTM said...

That is so crazy about the age! This post is great...very interesting!

DaniellaBella said...

5 Sundays in October!! My birthday is in Oct and Sunday is my fav day! happy bday to meeee!

Shellsea said...

That's a crazy amount of things going on in 2011.

Also, 86+25=111

Sam {} said...

this is just crazy. what a fun year :)

gina said...

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing this! Learned something new today :)

xo, gina


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