chickamauga battlefield

Over the weekend we went to the Chickamauga Battlefield with some friends.  This was our first time visiting this historic spot; you can read about it's history and culture here.  It is filled with lots of wooded hiking trails and beautiful open fields.  There are also a lot of historic monuments and displays along the way.

We decided to make a stop at the Wilder Tower.  The tower looked beautiful next to the blue skies!  We climbed up the spiral staircase of the 85ft. tower and enjoyed the gorgeous view from the top.  

We had some strangers take our photo and that is usually always an interesting experience.  The sun was so bright that we asked him to count to three and then we would open our eyes for the photo.  We ended up with four to choose from and this was the best we got - my eyes half open and Kelly's still closed. ha!

Jack and Lucy enjoyed resting in the shade while we explored the tower.

Jason being his goofy self!


Anna of IHOD said...

he he he I love that last pic! Hilarious!
Your pup is precious!

a Bug and Bird said...

can't wait to visit this christmas, i'm ready for the snowflake lights on the bridge going across the river :)

Sam {} said...

how fun!! love the squinty eye pic :)


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