This past weekend we headed up to Chilhowee to do some Sabbath afternoon hiking. I was excited to get up there and see all the leaves changing colors - one of my favorite things about fall. I had originally wanted us to go camping up there, but the boys (yes, the sissy practical boys) felt that it might be a little too cold at night and maybe we should just make it a day trip I obliged their requests.

We hiked to Benton Falls and it was gorgeous!  I think I ended up taking a hundred photos...I tend to go overboard sometimes.  But I was a little disappointed because I didn't realize until we got home that most of the photos we were in, we looked totally washed out...oh well.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful fall day.  I am hoping we can get at least another day or two of hiking in this season, if the boys don't think it's too cold ;) (i kid, i kid!)
  What are some of your favorite things about fall?  


lauren said...

how beautiful! i love hiking. and i also love the simplicity in the picture of you on the ledge. so gorgeous!

Stesha said...

great great pictures!!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Sam {} said...

amazing pictures!! tennessee is seriously the most beautiful place.

Anna of IHOD said...

What an incredible view! It reminds me of the GA mountains!


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