sweet treats and some shopping

We decided to start out our weekend right with dessert at Dairy Queen.  It's been way too long since I've had a blizzard and man I have been missing out.  I got the double fudge cookie dough and it was D-licious!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but ice cream is one of my greatest weaknesses.  I used to always have ice cream in the freezer until I realized that it had become an addiction I may need to make it more of a special occasion treat.
My brother stayed the weekend with us and that is always fun.  We did a little shopping on Saturday night to help him pick out an outfit for an upcoming banquet.  Luckily we were able to find his complete outfit and it's pretty fly if I do say so myself :)
Our mall just recently got a Forever 21 and I may have gotten a few new things.  Okay, I did get some new things.  It was hard to resist though because this F21 was so big and so neat and organized.  If you have ever been in a F21, you know that neat and organized are not words typically used to describe this store.  Maybe since this one is so new it hasn't had time to get completely chaotic yet.  Only time will tell.


Ashley said... cream sounds sooo good! We just got a new frozen yogurt store we are going to try that sometime soon!

Kayla said...

Is there anything better than a blizzard? They remind me of road trips with my family.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Jen Hammer said...

To be honest, the only thing I like at DQ are their blizzards but those alone are SO good! Oh and I know what you mean about F21 because I worked there for a year! I worked at a huge two story store and even then it took hours to clean up at the end of the day haha.

Sam {} said...

mmmm, yum!!! love DQ!

Nikki said...

I was doing so good without sugar cravings today...and now I must have a blizzard ;) Although cookies and cream for me please!

F21 scares me sometimes. I'm scared I'll get swallowed in the piles.

Kimberly Geneviève said...

Oooohhhh YUM!
Do you guys have Menchies where you are? We went on a little date this afternoon. Our classes were cancelled, and the only thing we could think of was going to Menchies. YUM! I love ice cream.


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