when i'm bored on a long car ride

What do you so when you are bored on an 8 hour car ride?
I take pictures of myself.
And trust me, there are lots more where these come from. ha!


Ashley said...

Did you do this the whole way??? Where are the pics of Jason?! I cant wait to see more pics from your trip.

amber said...

i did it for probably a good hour! haha and i took some funny videos too. gotta love photobooth!!

Sam {} said...

haha!! these are fun :)

happy weekend!

Nikki said...

Ha! I hope these were taken at a stoplight ;)

I always play lots of tunes...and if I'm with someone, google trivia questions on my phone.

Have a good weekend!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is so cute.Fun post and I think you have a great smile!!


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