I have now seen literally hundreds of shocking photographs of the devastation in Japan.  It breaks my heart every time I see or hear about the damage and loss that they have suffered.  Each day the death toll rises and the cost of damage reaches new heights.  Reading about the nuclear plant today and the few that stayed behind to try to control the situation, made me appreciate the brave people that sacrifice their lives for others.  
I am sure it will take years for Japan to rebuild and recover from this great tragedy.  There are many ways that we can help.  You can go here and make a donation directly to the American Red Cross.  I made a donation by purchasing this print - which all proceeds go directly to Red Cross.  If you know of any other ways to donate, please feel free to share them with my readers in the comment section.


Kimberly Geneviève said...

I know:( It's incredibly depressing every time I see images. I hope we can all take a minute to donate and help whichever way we can.


Nikki said...

So sad. Thanks for sharing links. I haven't donated yet but I think I need to do that today.


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