snow day

My wish came true!

We got a huge amount of snow (for tennessee) and as a result, I got a snow day. Currently we have 7 inches and I am hoping for a few more.

It was so fun to wake up with the white snow glowing through the window.
Hubby and I got all geared up and took Jack out to play. Jack loves the snow. It's like the snow was meant for him. He could probably play in it all day if we let him.

I just love the snow. It seriously makes my heart happy.
My wish came true and I got to stay home and spend extra time with my hubby.
Today has been a great day and it's not even over yet!


marcella said...

having fun in the snow ... :)

Marella said...

Cute pics dear!

Stephanie said...

UGH! I am SO jealous. Why? Because A) you got snow and B) you live in Tennessee!!! My husband and I were there for a week on our honeymoon in October and I am already wanting to go back SO badly! :)

And, your dog is adorable!!

Lynn said...

you two are so cute! that snow looks deep too, i wish our bi-polar weather would make up it's mind and some snowy goodness would arrive here too. Jack looks so happy running around, he's a sweety! ♥

Ashley said...

aww your little fuzzy is so cute!

Kinsey Michaels said...

you guys look adorable in the snow!!
is it completely WEIRD that the most snow we've gotten all winter here in boston has been 2 inches?!
i think we're due for a huge storm soon though! a rolling stone. said...

i love that you wish for snow! if you grew up in edmonton, alberta, canada like i did, you would be so tired of it that you'd move to the coast (which is what i did!)
have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have fun in the snow today! We had quite a few inches here in North Carolina today and it's been a blast, stay warm!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

you two are so cute


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