a couple photos from new years and a running update

For New Year's Eve we went over to our friend's, Tanner and Kelly's, house. They also happen to live in our neighborhood, so it's always pretty convenient for us to hang out. It's a good thing we live so close too, because we had to make several trips back home because we forgot things and also wanted to change into comfy clothes later in the night. ha!

I have to admit, I had a hard time staying up late. I must be getting old. On New Year's Day I was pooped from staying up so late! Oh well, it was worth it. We had a great time hanging out with friends, chaperoning the impromptu dog party (another perk of living so close), and playing Just Dance 2. I couldn't think of a better way to bring in the new year.
What did you guys do? Did you watch the ball drop?

Running Update:

This weekend I accomplished yet another milestone in my running. My aunt and I did a 10 miler! Our training schedule only required that we do 9.5 miles, but we figured we were so close; why not just make it 10?! We completed it just under 2 hours at 1:57:29.
I am definitely tired tonight, and my knees are pretty sore. I have noticed that my left leg gives me more issues than my right. I am going to look into making some modifications, like wearing a knee brace. Hopefully this will help.
Today I also used my new ipod nano for the first time. I loved it! Can you believe this is my first time listening to music while I run? I have been missing out.


Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

It's so nice to have friends living so close. We spent new years at a local pub with friends. I'm starting to feel old too. I slept the majority of new year day. lol. I just can't stay up late anymore without crashing.

thisitalianfamily said...

Haha, I hear ya! It is definitely a struggle for me to stay up until midnight and I was exhausted the next day. I never thought I'd be like this back when I was in college (you know, back in the days when I got back to my dorm at midnight or 1am and THEN started homework, haha), but sure enough... the adult world has made me an old lady. :P

Looks like you had a great NYE! Hope 2011 is fabulous for you! :)

Ashley said...

hey lady! are you training for a race? im training for my first half marathon on 3/20. hit the 11.6 mile yesterday. i feel you on the "achy knees" - i feel like an 80 year old today! good luck - can't wait to hear more about your progress!


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