it doesn't get cheaper than free

top and pants-banana republic, necklace-f21, belt-the limited, shoes-urban outfitters
(a work outfit from last week)

I had a fantastic weekend!
The weather was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.
Saturday night hubby and I had a date night (sorry no photos this time).  We went to Jason's Deli (remember this time we went there?) for dinner; which was free thanks to a gift card from my sister.  We ended the night with a movie, True Grit (it was very good); also free thanks to gift cards from my wonderful in-laws.
Free date night = super awesome

Sunday morning my aunt and I did a 12 mile run in 1:57:29.  
I almost can't believe it.  
I feel like this past week our running has really been bumped up a notch and we have taken it to a new level.  I think I might even venture to say I am starting to enjoy running.  
It has really been a process for me and I believe it is because I have been learning to run.  Just like any other sport, there are different forms and techniques and you really have to find what works best for  yourself. It has taken me a while, but I think I am finally starting to learn and develop a running style that works for me.
Perhaps running will have more of a presence in my future than I thought.


{av} said...

congrats on your run! I'm incredibly jealous--I ran 12 last weekend and this weekend, I'm laid up with severe tendinitis. GRR. I'll just have to live vicariously through you. There really is nothing like a great run...

btw, also jealous of your trip to Jason's Deli. I can't get it up north...and miss my visits there immensely! have a great night, my dear! xoxo {av}

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

that's an awesome time. Good for you!
As for free date nights, I love those.

sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

Miranda said...

Super cute outfit, I like the color of the top especially.

Anonymous said...

so cute! come enter my giveaway!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Nice outfit and good run.
12 miles in under two hours... wow.

Lynzy said...

First of all I love your outfit with the green and pink! Second, Awesome run girl! I am a runner as well and have done a few half marathons...what are you training for? xo


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