happy birthday {little} brother 1/11/11

My not so little anymore, younger brother turned 15 today. Happy Birthday Ryan!!
I can't believe he is already in the middle of his teen years, time sure does fly.
We decided to celebrate his birthday this past weekend. We went to lunch and then went to the new bowling ally in town, Pin Strikes. It was such a fun day.
It has been a while since I have done 'real' bowling, not just the wii kind. I figured I would be pretty rusty, but you'll have to check out how I did below :)

{here is the birthday boy showing us how it's done}
{check out my turkey a.k.a. three strikes in a row! i am 'A'}


Ninjagaiden78 said...

Thats nice. Happy Birthday to your little brother too!

Ramsey said...

Thank you for the bloggie love! You guys are too cute!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to your little bro! The pics are so cute!!

Linley said...

definitely not so little! looks like a great time! (and love your gingham shirt!)

thisitalianfamily said...

Wow! A turkey! I'm lucky if I can get a turkey in Wii Bowling, haha!

And happy birthday to your brother! :)

maria said...

great pictures amber and I love your gingham shirt!!

Melissa said...

Hey Amber!

Very cute post :)

I wanted to email you in response to your comment about the sweater in my latest post but I couldn't find your email address... so hopefully it's okay I write here.



Lynn said...

15, woah, how did boys get so tall and manly like all of a sudden! that looked like such a fun night. i love bowling! ♥


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