more work in the backyard

While us ladies were out having a good time, Jason and his dad and brother (and jack too) were back at the house finishing up a project in our backyard.  We decided a few months ago that we wanted to extend the concrete slab to give us a little more space to work with.  
It was so great to have my father in law here to help out Jason, his expertise always comes in handy around our home.  The guys did a great job and I think Jack had a great time supervising the whole day.
Now we just need to decide exactly what we want to do with this extra space.  I am thinking we should get a couple chairs and a fire pit.  I can imagine having friends over on a cool evening and roasting marshmallows and telling stories. mmmm..smores.  
What do you think would be a good use of this new space?


adele said...

The chairs & firepit sound great. I can just imagine you guys sitting there, glass of wine in hand xoxo

Ashley said...

sunbathing....while roasting marshmallows...yes!

Stevie Leigh said...

I love home projects... in theory. But we'll probably be renting for a while. :)

Great blog!

Sam {} said...

awesome!! i'm thinking outside dinner parties in the fall :)

Claire said...

i think it'd be great to have a firepit or a nice patio set! would be lovely! what a cool project!

Jo said...

Ohh, what busybodys! It looks like it is going so well!

Lost in the Haze

LaynahRose said...

That looks great. A fireplace would be awesome. Just picture yourself making smores and then not having to sleep in a tent!


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