friday's five favorites: beach attire for guys

Jason and I are headed to the beach in a couple weeks (we're praying that we don't get rained out).  I am so excited that I can hardly stand it.  You may have noticed that I can't go very long without some sort of vacation in my life, even for just a long weekend.  
In honor of our upcoming trip, I decided to scout out a possible beach outfit for Jason.  There was much more cool stuff out there than I thought!  Here are a few pieces that were my our faves:

Jason loves wearing hats.  A hat is a must at the beach, or at least on the way to the beach.
You have got to have a cool pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun.
A basic tee is perfect for the beach; nothing too heavy.

Jason is all about the the fun and funky boardshorts.  This pair is pretty awesome.
And, of course, you have got to have a pair of Reef sandals to complete the look.


adele said...

Love those funky board shorts !!

Linka said...

I love the shorts!! And you should definitely do the Beau Styles... I was going to email you about it! I think it would be a really cute segment for you guys! Jason seems pretty stylish, It'll be cute!

Sam {} said...

perfect!! love looking at men's fashion :)

Elaine said...

i think it's so hard to shop for good men's stuff but looks like you've found some good uns!


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