goodbye funk status

I feel like it's all too easy to get stuck in a funk.  
Get up. Go to work. Come home from work. Eat dinner. Watch tv. Go to bed. Do it all over again.
Yesterday, while I was at work, I realized that my week has sort of started out that way.  So I decided that when I got home, we needed to head to the pool.  
I just needed to be outside. In the sun. And away from anything close to that funk status.  Since it is still blazing hot here, the pool was the obvious choice. And a great choice because we had the pool all to ourselves for a little while.  Thus allowing me to snap some photos without feeling embarrassed. ha!
What do you like to do to get out of your funk status?  


Teresa said...

Ahh... nothing beats a day at the pool. Looks like you two finally got to relax and enjoy some rays!


Jeska said...

Nice! I need to go to a pool badly! That would definitely help :)

Natalie Leung said...

great idea, to go sit by the pool after work. it is a good break :D


Adele said...

Must be soooo nice to do this after work xoxo


That's exactly what I do to get out of a funk too! The great outdoors does the soul good :)

Sam {} said...

fun!! usually a dessert outing or a run get me out of the funk :)


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