life lately, according to instagram

1) Jas and Ryan matching for church.  2) Tina keeping me company while I work in bed.
3) My first attempt at a top knot!  4) Lindsay and I having some fun at the Gap.
5) Jas and Ryan matching...again.  6) The boys at my house call
7) Getting my hair did by Lindsay.  8) A wonderful day for a picnic with my family.


Liz said...

so glad to have stumbled across your blog! you and your husband are too cute. and by the way - the top knot looks awesome on you!!

Candace Stevenson said...

K your top knot looks GREAT! love itttt :) and the boys art... hahahaha

Lovely Little Rants

Ocean Dreams said...

The top knot is amazing and cute boys!! :)

alicia said...

love the top knot!

rlutz said...

Love the matching men!!


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