panera for lunch

Today I met two dear friends for lunch at Panera Bread.
A sandwich and soup was the perfect meal for the cold cold afternoon.
It was really great to catch up with Sarah and Rachel - we all used to work together and I am glad we have all kept in touch.  
Rachel is expecting her first baby and I am so excited for her!  Ever since we all worked together, we had a sort of bet going on who would get preggo first.  I think everyone was betting on me, but Rachel beat me to it!  And now Sarah has a mini-van, so I keep telling her she is next.  Who knows, maybe we will all end up pregnant at the same time - Rachel is due in April, which means there is plenty of time for us to catch up, right? ;)


paddle to shore said...

I can't even express how much I love Panera bread! (or maybe anything, bread ;) Have a great weekend, XO

Jen Hammer said...

Love it!!! Ahhh this makes me so so homesick for Panera!


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