Another Friday has arrived, hallelujah! And today is not just any other Friday – it is really a special day.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to all of those that have dedicated any part of their lives to serving our country. It is truly an honor to live in a country with so many individuals that are willing to fight for my freedom. Thank you.

And how cool is it that today is 11-11-11?! For all those babies out there being born today, what a cool birth date you get. My co-worker is due this weekend and I was secretly, okay, not so secretly hoping she would go into labor and have the baby today – but it looks like her little guy is just not quite ready yet.

I sort of feel like I should be doing something extra special today; something epic and exciting. How about enchiladas over at our friend’s house for dinner? Jas and I like to keep it crazy..

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Stesha said...

love this. A big THANK YOU to them all!!

Classic & Bubbly

Ocean Dreams said...

It is indeed a special day! So grateful to the men and women who have served and are serving our country!

Have a giveaway if you have time to stop by girl! :)

Lindsay R said...

yes, a thank you to all of them. it is a special day and i've enjoyed all the posts honoring it.


the lovebirds said...

cute blog! so happy to have found it! xoxo


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