happy birthday blog, you are one year old

Wow, it's already been a whole year since I started blogging.  It's crazy to think how time has flown by and I now have an entire year of my life documented on my blog.  This blog and the whole blogging community has become so special to me.  In the beginning, I just looked at blogging as a way to keep track of my thoughts and the things that went on in my life.  I never thought that I "meet" such amazing people and learn so much from reading other blogs.  
I also think I have some of the greatest and most supportive readers.  I seriously get such joy and pleasure from reading all your sweet comments.  Whenever I am having a bad day, a nice comment is sure to put a smile on my face.
I can't wait to see what this next year has to bring.  I have a feeling it is gonna be a great year with fabulous things to share with you guys.
Thank you guys for being so amazing and making this blog worth while.
Love you, mean it!! 


Jen Hammer said...

yay!! happy blogiversary! i also am so glad i "met" you and love reading your posts, you are truly an amazing and beautiful woman and i couldn't be happier that you discovered the blogging world and became my blogging friend! :)

Sam {} said...

awww, happy blog birthday!! loving your hair in these pics :)

Shanti Pranadi said...

Happy blog birthdayyyy :)

Ramsey said...

Happy blog birthday! You guys are so cute!

LV said...

I just discovered your blog and really like it! Happy Blog Birthday!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

happy birthday to "this is the life"



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