hotter than hades

dress and ring-f21, shoes-steve madden via tj maxx, sunnies-nordstrom, purse-coach

Thanks for all your comments yesterday about driving a standard car.  They made me feel better.  And who know, maybe I'll give it another try :)

I wore this dress over the holiday weekend when hubby and I went out running around town.  I chose this dress because it's light and comfy.  And since it's been hotter than hades around here, any type of layers seems insane.  Basically I would rather just go around naked because even in this small dress I managed to sweat.  But I have been told the naked idea really isn't a good idea.  oh well.  Today we are supposed to set records with the temperature.  Ay yi yi.
I hope some of you out there aren't melting like we are here!


Malin said...

Love this outfit, the dress is prettiful!!

Just read your post about automatic v manual; I'm a manual all the way! In Norway everyone has to learn to drive a manual, and until a couple of years ago it was pretty much the norm. Now lots of people drive automatic though.. I drive my dad's car, which is automatic, and yes, it is so comfortable and lazy and easy, but in my opinion it takes the fun out of driving!! (I'm stupidly obsessed with driving!)
Keep at it girl, you will get it soon enough, and then it will be a piece of cake!! Good luck!!! Tell the hubby to be super patient, and practice places where there are no other cars!!!

Maggy said...

ultra cute!!

Miranda said...

It's too darn hot.

I love that dress though, thank God for dresses otherwise I think I would melt!


Carlee said...

I would love for it to be hot here! I live in the Seattle area, and we've had 1 day over 70-degrees this year. 1! It is June! The sun needs to come out already!

Love your dress!!

Ashley Sloan said...

Love your ring...and your dress (love the pattern)...and your shoes...okay everything! And cute pup! I love dogs :)

Ashley Sloan

Sam {} said...

we're melting here in TX too. loving short dresses this year...big time!

Courtney B said...

LOVE this dress!! You are gorgeous!
I can't wait until it gets hot! I'm used to it being over 100 degrees by June. We moved last October and I think we've only had one day where it's been over 80 in my new neck of the woods. Ridiculous!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable! Congrats on your one-year blogiversary!


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