its tough to beat the heat

 Lately one of my only favorite forms of exercise is going for walks.  I take Jack for a walk pretty much every day.  You might remember that I used to run; but after my big race I decided to take a short break from running, which turned into a long break.  Now it has gotten blazing hot here and the last couple times I tried to run, I thought I might pass out.
It's really disappointing because I miss running.  I am just having a hard time fitting it into my schedule right now because I would either have to go super early in the morning or late at night.  Neither of those  are really appealing to me right now.
I've decided I want to try out doing a workout video at home.  I am going to give the Body by Bethenny DVD a try.  I just hope it's not boring.  The last video I tried was a fail - I quit after 5 minutes because it was so boring.  I am also going to continue my walks with Jack; it's his favorite time of the day :)

What do you all do for fitness in the summer time?  Have any of you tried Bethenny's DVD?


Ashley said...

I have Hip Hop Abs and I really like those videos.

See you in 2 days!

Anonymous said...

If you have OnDemand you can try out some workout videos in the sports and fitness section. I did a yoga video from body by bethenny and it was pretty good. I just got the 30 day shred from netflix and am going to try that out!


Ashlee said...

Your dog is adorable! Mine are very happy sitting in the water these days, too. What a fun hike!


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