an afternoon at the playground

The other day we took the kiddos (my niece and nephew) to the park.  They had so much fun!  Adelynn's favorite by far was the swing.  I think she just loves having the wind blow in her hair, and who could blame her?  Kaleb, of course, had fun being king of the playground and saving us all from the bad guys; my hero!

I miss those days of playing on the playground when I was younger.  Not a care in the world but swinging the highest and racing to the slide!


Bug and Bird said...

aww, looks like fun in great weather. sydney is great because in every village (set up like nyc with different boroughs) theres a park. i live two blocks from my local park and Bird and i will sometimes go down for a quick ice cream and walk around where Aussies have their families, including dogs, out for a day in the sun

definitely enjoying the simple things in live, glad to see you are too

adele said...

looks like you had a great time. Your kids are super cute!!!


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