iphone photos of the kiddos

I have been non-stop busy all weekend long.  
Since the moment I picked up these cuties on Saturday, I have been soaking up all the auntie love I can get.  I get three whole weeks with these kiddos and it's gonna be awesome.  These are photos from the airport.  Just look at those gorgeous eyes and those adorable freckles. Love.


L!$@ said...

I've been soaking up all the auntie loving I can get this weekend with my niece and nephew! :D

adele said...

The best thing about being an Auntie is that you can have great times & then give them back at the end of the day xoxo

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Very cute photos.

Erin said...

They are WAY TOO CUTE! Gorgeous blues!


Mariel Torres said...

they are the cutest darling!



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