{photo from our day at chilhowee}

My brother moved out over the weekend and moved back in with my mom.  Although he only lived with us for three-ish months, I feel like I am experiencing a sort of empty-nest syndrome.  When I walked into his room and it was empty of all his clothes and shoes and his sugar glider, I instantly wished it was all still there.  I truly feel like it was a blessing to have him in our home and a part of our daily lives.  There were definitely struggles too, it's not easy having a teenager in the house.  It's never fun being the disciplinarian and it's hard sometimes to not take things personally.  I think I have learned a lot through this experience and how I want to be as a mother some day.  I am excited to be a mom some day (no I'm not pregnant); i can't think of a greater occupation.


Stesha said...

i can totally relate to that feeling. i live alone and when my mom comes into town to visit with me and then she leaves i have the same empty feeling.

Classic & Bubbly

Sam {} said...

aww, hopefully he'll come and visit a lot! you would be a great mom :)


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