and she grows

23 week baby bump in this photo. however, today I am 24 1/2 weeks along.

Baby girl is growing and growing. Whenever I walk past a mirror and get a good look at my belly, I almost can't believe it's me.  She has certainly made herself quite comfy in there.  And I love it.  I especially love feeling her move around throughout the day (and night).  

Jason and I have been busy little bees trying to get things ready for her arrival.  Still, though, every bit of progress we make, I realize how much more we still have to do.  Our big project right now is the nursery and I am feeling super overwhelmed!  There are just so many options and choices and decisions to be made.  I just want it all to be perfect; is there even such a thing?  Probably not.  I just want it to be comfy and cozy for her as she grows up.  Jason assures me that she will love whatever we put together for her, and I think he's right.


Carlee said...

I feel the exact same way about designing the nursery! It tooks me forever to settle on something I liked, and I still go back and forth on it. :) But I agree, I'm sure she'll love anything you put together for her.

Steph said...

I felt super overwhelmed about the nursery, too... Until I found the perfect bedding and then the room just came together. I absolutely love Lennox's room. I know you'll come up with something perfect for your little girl.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hey Amber, well what a glorious surprise it is to hear this blessed news!!! congrats to you & Jason. this is thrilling and girl you look incredibly beautiful, especially this stunning shot. it's unreal and you're gorgeous! happy times indeed, wishing you many more wonderful nesting moments to come. xo ♥

Val said...

Congrats...I'm so happy for you.


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