blurred vision

shirt and jeans from nordstrom, ae hat, toms shoes

Today was not one of my best hair days. Okay really it wasn't one of my best looking days period. So when we got invited to a pizza dinner at Lupi's for a friend's birthday, I knew I had to get creative.

I threw on a hat to cover up my flat and lifeless hair, added some eyeliner, and put together a comfy and stylish outfit (atleast I think so). This is how it turned out.

We took photos a little later than usual this time. We didn't want to use the flash and I don't have a tripod, thus the results were mostly blurry pictures. Sorry friends. But really I like the way they turned out. Since I wasn't feeling so glamorous, I like to think that the blurriness adds a nice touch and hides my tired eyes and dark circles.

I guess this is what happens when you have to go back to work after a long weekend. I could have used a couple more hours of sleep this morning. Anybody else feel the same?


Amanda said...

precious :) I esp love the closeup with the hat and your eye!

What camera do you use?

amber said...

@amanda i use a canon rebel xti.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

You're so cute, and my hair was completely lifeless today as well, thank god for hats!

A "cheery" disposition said...

very cute hat.

claire said...


mina said...

i love that hat!


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