riding around in a '75 camaro

Saturday night we went out with some friends to Chilli's to watch the game. Jason was meeting us there when he got off work, so Shawn and Christy picked me up. I got to ride in the back of his new (new to him) '75 Camaro.

This baby was pretty awesome. I love vintage cars. It's almost like you get to travel back in time for that short car ride. Words/phrases I would use to describe the ride: speed, noise and wind blown hair.

Words/phrases to describe our night: laughter, two for one and good times with great friends.

shirt, shorts and headband from f21, steve madden shoes, gifted michael kors purse

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MyLittlePhotographs said...

Aahh! You're cute and you've got some sexy legs.

I LOoveeeeeeee vintage cars. If we had the space as in a garage to work on an old car I'm sure we'd have one too! Probably lime green or a baby blue... ahh a girl can dream:)


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