happy one hundred and camping at cades cove

This is my 100th post. Hooray!!

I am thrilled to have reached this milestone in my little blogs life.
I have enjoyed posting and sharing photos and experiences and other little treats with you.
I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.
A special thanks to all of you that have been with me since the beginning.
I look forward to many more months, even years of blogging :)

Now onto my great camping adventure!

We went to Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains. It was gorgeous. We had an awesome time with our family. We enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife. We saw so many wild turkeys, deer, birds, a bear cub and a coyote. Our camp site had no electricity or showers AND I did an 11 mile bike ride around the cove. (the last time I rode a bike it probably had streamers on the handles and a bell. haha!) I for sure pushed my limits this weekend and enjoyed every minute. This trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. Oh and Jack did wonderful! He is now officially a camping dog :)

{jason was pretty excited about Florida's win over the weekend}


Sydney said...

Girl, these pictures are incredible!! You are making me SO excited to go camping this weekend!! Woo hoo for cuddling in sleeping bags!! haha. You are your hubs are sooo cute :)

Sydney said...

*You AND your hubs. haha

Kara said...

omg those deer!! these pictures are amazing, looks like such a relaxing/fun weekend!! xo

Jess said...

Cades Cove is my most favorite place in the entire world. There's so much beauty and history there. I love knowing other people enjoy going there as well. :)

Congrats on the milestone, as well!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

You make camping look so wonderful, and seriously, you two are such a sexy couple!! And Jack isn't so bad either lol

November Grey said...

Wow, these are stunning pictures. Really enjoying your blog.


November Grey

Visions through my retina said...

these are such pretty pics!


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