why haven't i diy (done it yet)

photo via

I would really like to do this with my jewelry. I have seen it done a few different times and love it every time I see it. I think it may be my turn to try it.


Hotcakes said...

i saw my bestfriend's cabinet door having one of those nets were she places her earrings.

then as a gift she gave me one of those corks where you could put push pins and pictures.

she was expecting that i was goin to put pictures of us and friends... but well

i ended up making it a jewelry holder.. lol :)

♥lydia_isabelle♥ said...

that's actually very creative!! I should try that as well since my jewelry is sort of a mess in a box :S
thanks for this post!

Kirsten said...

Thanks so much for the love! I've bookmarked your blog and will surely be stopping by again:).

Dee Rogers said...

I have one of the earring ones with the screen in it! I LOVE it and it looks so much cuter in my bathroom than a conventional earring holder!


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