wise owl

For the longest time I have been wanting a piece of owl jewelry. I have seen a lot of cute rings and necklaces, but for some reason or another they were never quite right. Recently I was feeding my addiction to online shopping (I need to join a support group) and browsing around on Forever 21. I was really just wanting to buy a pair of shorts I saw on the glamorai, which I did, and I ended up getting a few other things. This wonderful necklace included.

The package arrived today and I love everything I got. That almost never happens, I usually end up returning at least one item, but not this time :)


These photos were taken Fourth of July 2009 in Florida. When we went outside to do fireworks, we noticed a little visitor on a car parked nearby. I think this is really the only time I have ever seen a wild owl out in "nature." It was pretty neat. He only stuck around for a few minutes, but long enough for me to get these shots. I think owls are some of the most interesting birds.
Don't you?

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Katz NYC said...

I looove owls! I got owl ring and earrings (you can see them on my blog few weeks back). I'm looking for a t-shirt and a necklace now. I wish I had an baby owl as a pet :)


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