my first time rock climbing

While we were in Idaho, one of my best friend's Ashley took Jason and I rock climbing. Jason had rock climbed before, but this was my very first time.

Ashley went first to show us how it was done and she made it look so easy. Jason went next and he totally "rocked" it. hehe

For some reason I wasn't really nervous, until I started getting geared up that is. I was the only one that chose to wear a helmet, but I didn't care how funny I might look. If you have ever done this before, you probably know how tight and uncomfortable climbing shoes can be - my toes were squished! I was so scared climbing up the rock. I thought it was really tough and since it was my first time, I needed a lot of coaching and guidance.

The higher I got, the more intense it felt; my legs were literally shaking.

Ashley was an awesome coach though and she helped me make it to the top. I overcame my fear and it felt amazing to accomplish this task. This was both mentally and physically challenging for me, but in the end it was just another opportunity to show myself how strong I am. Thanks Ashley for sharing this awesome experience with us :)

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MyLittlePhotographs said...

I've never rock climbed before, I might have to add this to my bucket list. You look like a rockstar!! Looks like a ton of fun.


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