a little bit of nothing with some zoey sprinkled on top

Hey guys. So I was sitting on the couch in some comfy clothes cuddled up in a blanket, trying to think of something to write about for this post, and I came up with nothing.

side note:
If you follow my twitter, you are probably tired of my debbie downer, poor me, i don't feel good tweets. Well too bad, because I just feel terrible. I am sick again and feeling even worse than last time.

As I was saying, I have nothing worth sharing because my brain is currently not functioning at it's top potential. But as I was tapping away aimlessly on the computer, my little love Zoey came to give me company - and as it turns out - something to share with you.
She was so cute watching me type and getting up several times to rearrange and get comfortable. Zoey has really turned out to be such a loving and friendly kitty. This makes me so happy. And can you believe how big she has gotten?! I remember when she was just a wee little kitten ready to eat me alive.


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