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shirt-gap, sweater and pants-express, boots-bakers, belt-betsey johnson via tjmaxx, scarf-paris market (seen here)

Do you like my cheerleader arms? I have been practicing my routine for the Titans, since I am their guest cheerleader for the next game. I think I have my moves down pretty good and my rhythm is killer.
Okay, that is not true. Really it is just cold, cold, cold. I am surprised my fingers didn't fall off during this outfit shoot. I did this all for you folks, I am a die hard blogger and will do anything for my blogees ;)
We got the smallest amount of snow Sunday night and automatically all the schools shut down on Monday and people bought all the milk and bread from all the grocery stores. That is how things are in Tennessee. Amateurs. I am from Idaho and I know snow. Although I got to go to work two hours late, so that was pretty awesome. I was extremely thankful for my extra sleep because I am still feeling a little sick.

p.s. LESS than two weeks til Christmas!! Are you ready?

Here are some blooper shots:
1) I am trying to fly, if only I could flap my little arms a little harder. 2) I am hiding behind my hair, playing shy for the camera.


Brooke said...

so cute! I really need to use belts more!

Sands said...

Hehe, I love cheerleader arms & the ghost arms! And you totally rock that belted cardi look, and I love how you topped it off with that cozy scarf!

PS: I'm SO ready to rock Christmas 2010!


Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

you look so cute! I love how you styled the sweater!

And I know what you mean about snow. We had flurries on Monday morning and you would have thought it was a blizzard... although strangely when it is an actual blizzard people drive like the 70 and sunny.

I don't understand maryland:)

wishful nals said...

that sweater is so cute!

Elaine said...

Super cute! This looks so cozy.

Taylor said...

Lovely scarf! I am jealous of everyone who is getting snow, but I'm going on vacation to the southeast in a week so maybe I will get to see some!

style'n said...

I love how you belted your outfit and the addition of the scarf is adorable. It's amazing how just adding some accessories can make an outfit!

kristine said...

Oh that sweater and scarf look sooo cute together. PS I love TN! I lived in Knoxville over the summer and I miss it so much!

Kristine. Or Polly.


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